What do vegans eat?

What do vegans eat? A question all too familiar when talking to friends and family who are not familiar with a plant-based diet. I came across this “Vegan Food Pyramid” online and thought it was a great representation of all of the different foods that we eat. It is amazing to me how many people assume all we eat are vegetables, if you are willing to get creative, eating a vegan diet lends itself to a multitude of options!

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  1. anne says:

    I am so glad I found this site!! I did WW years ago to successfully loose 15 lbs and kept it off ever since. this year my weight crept up a bit, but now I am a vegan… so here I am! I ordered the WW tracker and calculator today – I think WW vegan will be easier because all the fruits are free now too. Looking forward to your continued posts!

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