Using your extra 49 PointsPlus Weeklies

When I first started the Weight Watchers program I was SO afraid to use those extra weekly points they give you in fear that I would not lose weight at my next weigh in. This worked for me for the first few months, but after getting into a routine I found myself falling into bad habits and craving foods that I was forbidding myself to have. I finally realized that this is the beauty of the Weight Watchers program – that you can treat yourself AND continue to lose weight.

I do not use my extra 49 points on a weekly basis – this is just my own personal preference. I have spoken to other Weight Watchers members who swear by using them EVERY week and others that refuse to touch them. I think that everyone must find what works for them – experiment over several weeks using some, and then all, and see how your weigh in goes.

Going out to eat once a week is one of the ways I like to “spend” my extra 49 Points+. My husband and I found an adorable vegan restaurant in Lake Worth, FL called Darbster. Darbster is a dog-friendly restaurant which features a charming outdoor patio as well as indoor dining. I am always looking for vegan-friendly restaurants where I can have the freedom of being able to order ANYTHING from the menu without thinking twice. For this reason, Darbster is one of our favorite restaurants in South Florida. We have even enjoyed meals here with our non-vegan friends and family. Darbster’s menu features gardein as a meat substitute and Daiya as a cheese alternative. - Darbster

How do you like to use your extra 49 Points+?

Be kind, feel good.


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3 Responses to Using your extra 49 PointsPlus Weeklies

  1. Morgan says:

    Hey there! Love your blog- we need more like it! I was just wondering – do you follow the simply filling plan or regular points tracking?
    I use my extra points for things like daiya and Coconut Bliss!! 🙂

    • VeganWW says:

      Thanks so much Morgan! I follow the regular PointsPlus plan. My husband LOVES daiya too! I like to indulge in So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches!

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