Staying on track during the holidays

The holiday season is a tough time for anyone trying to lose or maintain their weight. This time of year can be even more difficult for those practicing a vegan lifestyle. Below are some of my favorite tips for staying on track during the holidays, while sticking to the foods we love!

  1. Attending a potluck? Bring a VeganWW meal like the Three Bean Chili or Creamy Spinach Pesto. I love hearing family and friends gush about how much they love these dishes “even though it is vegan”. Bringing a home-cooked recipe guarantees that there will be at least one main dish that I can enjoy in addition to whichever salad will likely be available to complete the meal!
  2. Stick to the veggie and fruit tray. Most parties have at least a small veggie platter for appetizers and some fruit for dessert, and steering clear of the other options will help ensure you are staying on point while also staying true to your vegan lifestyle.
  3. Attending a party at restaurant? Call ahead to ask if they have a vegetarian option. Chances are, if they do, the restaurant will be able to make a vegan version, as well.
  4. Exercise! Try to get those extra activity points in as much as possible this time of year – it will without a doubt make a difference between gaining, staying the same, and losing weight.
  5. Traveling? Plan ahead. Pack a Vegan Weight Watchers friendly snack for the plane or car ride. Flying internationally? Call your airline ahead of time to reserve a vegan meal — in my experiences, airlines’ vegan meal options have actually tasted much better than the prepackaged food served to everyone else on the plane, and the vegan options are certain to be A LOT healthier!

Do you have any other tips / tricks during this time of year to stay on track?

Be kind, feel good.


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