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Before becoming vegan, I loved to snack on those mini microwavable popcorn packages as an after-dinner treat. Popcorn has a ton of fiber in it, it’s bulky, and it would keep me full for the evening for a conservative amount of points. I later came to understand that those mini packs are filled with chemicals and artificial flavoring, and not to mention how much packaging I was throwing out on a nightly basis.

I went out and purchased my own “air popper” (there are many different varieties out there). I had found this vintage looking one at Bed Bath Beyond to pop my own popcorn. Whole Foods carries delicious organic popcorn kernels that last me months, and this saves me lots of money when compared to purchasing those costly microwavable bags.

Try it out this weekend and get creative with your toppings. I like to put a little bit of sea salt on mine!

Be kind, feel good.


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