Glass Dharma Straws – sustainable drinking! - Glass Dharma Straws

After becoming vegan and incorporating protein smoothies into our menu, I was buying plastic straws and disposing of them on a daily basis. Not to mention those straws you get at the grocery store are not ideal for drinking my thick strawberry-banana smoothies.

I came across Glass Dharma online and was thrilled to find their decorated dots smoothie straws.

My biggest fear was that they would break, but once I read about their lifetime guarantee against breakage I was sold. Plus – they are dishwasher safe and I am no longer wasting plastic. Believe it or not our smoothies even taste better with the glass straws!

In addition to the decorated dots smoothie straws, I have also used their sipper straws which are great for drinking throughout the day.

I cut up lemon each week to add to my water (Weight Watchers recommends you shoot for AT LEAST 8 glasses of water each day) – the sipper straw blocks those pesky seeds! Drinking water or flavored club soda throughout the day is a zero PointsPlus way to keep you feeling fuller, longer. It also helps you control those urges to snack!

Be kind. Feel good.

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