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Canned vs. Dry Beans


Since becoming vegan I have switched from purchasing canned beans to dry beans. While dry beans lack the convenience of being able to pop off the lid of that can and proceed with your recipe, I still think that the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of having to soak and cook dry beans.

Cost, Health, Taste and Variety are just a few of the reasons why I personally choose dry beans over canned.

Dry beans are significantly less expensive than canned beans and contain ZERO sodium as compared with canned beans that can pack upwards of 200 mg! That being said, dry beans are not only healthier for their non-existent sodium content, but they are also not subject to the preservatives and chemicals that are in canned beans.

Being able to control how soft or firm beans are is another great perk of using dry beans! Depending on the recipe / bean I am using, I prefer a different texture, and dry beans are the only way to go on this one. There are also FAR more varieties of dry beans available than canned.

How to Soak Beans?

It is SO simple. Depending on how much you need, measure out your desired amount (keep in mind they will nearly double in size after soaking!). Submerge them in water overnight, and by the time you wake up the next morning they are ready for your slow cooker, or to simmer on the stove. It is THAT easy, and I think that after tasting the difference and seeing the variety available, you will be hooked as well.

TIP: Remove extra gas from your beans by skimming off the foam that collects at the top of your pot while boiling.

I have included some popular choices for beans below, along with their protein content and Weight Watchers PointsPlus values.


Be kind, feel good.

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Glass Dharma Straws – sustainable drinking! - Glass Dharma Straws

After becoming vegan and incorporating protein smoothies into our menu, I was buying plastic straws and disposing of them on a daily basis. Not to mention those straws you get at the grocery store are not ideal for drinking my thick strawberry-banana smoothies.

I came across Glass Dharma online and was thrilled to find their decorated dots smoothie straws.

My biggest fear was that they would break, but once I read about their lifetime guarantee against breakage I was sold. Plus – they are dishwasher safe and I am no longer wasting plastic. Believe it or not our smoothies even taste better with the glass straws!

In addition to the decorated dots smoothie straws, I have also used their sipper straws which are great for drinking throughout the day.

I cut up lemon each week to add to my water (Weight Watchers recommends you shoot for AT LEAST 8 glasses of water each day) – the sipper straw blocks those pesky seeds! Drinking water or flavored club soda throughout the day is a zero PointsPlus way to keep you feeling fuller, longer. It also helps you control those urges to snack!

Be kind. Feel good.

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Where do vegans get protein from?

In our family, and amongst our circle of friends, my husband and I are the only people who practice a vegan lifestyle. The question “Where do get your protein from?” comes up on a regular basis so I wanted to share a few low Weight Watchers PointsPlus sources of protein that we incorporate into our diet. Please keep in mind this is a SHORT list of the protein content of select vegan foods — and yes protein does come from sources other than meat and dairy!

To put some context around the numbers below, the average female should be getting between 37-50 grams of protein each day. The average for a male is just a bit higher from between 48-63 grams per day. You can find more information on this here.

As you can see, by eating a variety of vegetables, beans, legumes, grains and nuts it is very easy to meet the daily protein requirement.

vegan weight watchers protein sources

 For a more extensive list of plant-based foods that provide protein visit: Protein in the Vegan Diet

Be kind, feel good.


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The decision to become vegan (while already on Weight Watchers)

I was so pleasantly surprised to come across the video below – it seems like it was a biography made just for me! Apparently I am far from the only one who went through this thought process in becoming a vegan. Check it out, and see what went through my brain when deciding to try out this whole “vegan thing”.

Be kind, feel good.



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Vegan Weight Watchers – Introduction

Welcome to the Vegan Weight Watchers blog! I will be adding multiple posts each week specifically written for people using the Weight Watchers program to lose or maintain weight while following a vegan lifestyle. Posts will include PointsPlus friendly vegan recipes, product and restaurant reviews, as well as interesting vegan tidbits from around the world and across the web.

My story:
My journey with Weight Watchers started in June 2009. I lost 25 lbs and became a lifetime member that October. I have since been able to maintain my weight loss while sticking to the Weight Watchers program.

My husband has struggled with gastrointestinal discomfort since we met in 2003. Following an endoscopy, no diagnosis was reached for my husband, and I was shocked when his doctor said he would be on medication indefinitely. After watching several documentaries and doing research online, I proposed trying out a vegan lifestyle (which almost instantly cured his lifelong stomach issues). Due to my experience with the Weight Watchers program, I knew I would have to be careful to stick to my daily PointsPlus values – it is a popular misconception that vegans only eat lettuce and are rail thin (more on this later…). However, I was disappointed about the lack of resources online for fellow Vegan Weight Watchers.

Stay tuned for ways to keep your weight loss journey interesting while sticking to a plant-based vegan lifestyle. I look forward to interacting and sharing with everyone!

Please feel free to leave your comments/suggestions or contact me directly at:

Be kind, feel good.

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