Canned vs. Dry Beans


Since becoming vegan I have switched from purchasing canned beans to dry beans. While dry beans lack the convenience of being able to pop off the lid of that can and proceed with your recipe, I still think that the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of having to soak and cook dry beans.

Cost, Health, Taste and Variety are just a few of the reasons why I personally choose dry beans over canned.

Dry beans are significantly less expensive than canned beans and contain ZERO sodium as compared with canned beans that can pack upwards of 200 mg! That being said, dry beans are not only healthier for their non-existent sodium content, but they are also not subject to the preservatives and chemicals that are in canned beans.

Being able to control how soft or firm beans are is another great perk of using dry beans! Depending on the recipe / bean I am using, I prefer a different texture, and dry beans are the only way to go on this one. There are also FAR more varieties of dry beans available than canned.

How to Soak Beans?

It is SO simple. Depending on how much you need, measure out your desired amount (keep in mind they will nearly double in size after soaking!). Submerge them in water overnight, and by the time you wake up the next morning they are ready for your slow cooker, or to simmer on the stove. It is THAT easy, and I think that after tasting the difference and seeing the variety available, you will be hooked as well.

TIP: Remove extra gas from your beans by skimming off the foam that collects at the top of your pot while boiling.

I have included some popular choices for beans below, along with their protein content and Weight Watchers PointsPlus values.


Be kind, feel good.

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