Are fruits and vegetables really only ZERO PointsPlus?

Yes – fruits and vegetables are technically 0 PointsPlus, however as a Vegan Weight Watcher we have to be aware of how many of those illustrious 0 PointsPlus fruits and vegetables we consume. Weight Watchers recommends at least 5 servings per day (up to 9) of a mixture of fruits and vegetables, but did you know that a serving is considered 1/2 cup? In fact, a large banana is really considered 2 servings!

If you are not seeing the scale move in the direction you prefer (down Wink) try keeping close attention to your tracker for a few days to see how many servings of fruit and vegetables you are consuming. If you are finding that it is way more than 5 servings per day, try limiting your fruit intake to only 3-5 servings per day and swap out some of your fruit snacks for veggies. Making small changes here and there to your fruit consumption can really make a difference in the way the scale moves!

Just like using those extra weeklies I believe the amount of fruit and vegetable servings each person can consume to continue losing weight varies from person to person. For me — I try to limit my fruit intake to 3-5 servings per day and allow myself as many veggies as I would like. However, I know that if I am in a rush and have to choose between an apple and a pre-packaged snack the apple is probably the better choice.

Do you limit your fruit / vegetable intake?

Be kind, feel good.


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5 Responses to Are fruits and vegetables really only ZERO PointsPlus?

  1. Masala mommy says:

    Just 5 ? Then please give a sample of what of foods you eat. I feel so limited ! this is such. Struggle for me the meds I’m on increase weight but I need them to control my blood pressure.If 5 is the limit theni would find myself eating too many grains.So many vegan foods that are processed are full of sodium I can’t have that eithervegan doesn’t mean low cal I’m learning that.
    I need some ideas here people ! Send me an email !

    • VeganWW says:

      Thanks for the comment I hope these posting/recipes will be a helpful resource for you to get into the groove with the vegan lifestyle on Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers recommends at least 5, but up to 9 servings of fruits / vegetables. Focus more on vegetables – snacking on cucumbers, red pepper, carrots, etc. with hummus is a great snack (I’ll be posting a recipe for homemade hummus this week). Portioning out nuts can be a great snack as well with lots of protein and will keep you fuller longer. I try to have my three main meals a day and make sure to have a fruit / veggie on hand in between each meal to hold me over until the next.

  2. Jane says:

    I’m glad you brought up this topic because I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I use fruit in my protein shakes – ice, almond milk, peach, strawberries, and protein shake. It is delicious and lasts. I have always been a big eater even when I was very thin. I’ve been on weight watchers for 3 weeks and have lost 6 pounds and I am fighting off a binge LOL. My daughter is getting married next November (2013) and I have to lose 40 pounds. I thought I’d get moving now because I know how I am, I will probably relapse at some point. But, for now it’s slow and steady.

    If I go over the 1/2 cup serving amount for instance a large peach or banana – should I add a point?

    • VeganWW says:

      Thank you for the comment, Jane and congratulations on your 6lbs. weight loss! I wouldn’t necessarily count that large peach or banana as an extra point, but I would be sure to count it as more than 1 of my daily recommended servings for fruit/vegetables under your “good health guidelines”.

  3. Amy says:

    I just started WW last week. My boyfriend is vegan and about 70% of my meals are vegan. When I told him I was starting WW he asked if that meant we would have to eat different meals. I am so excited to find this site! I was wondering about the fruit too. I love nectarines. My first thought was-“if I get hungry or have a sugar craving I can just eat zero point nectarines!”. Thank you for the guidance on the fruits and veggies. I am finding that staying in my 26 points has been easier than I anticipated. Congrats to Jane for 6 lbs!

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